Still water runs deep 善良的人

Still water runs deep 善良的人, 必需大智若愚

善良的人, 必需大智若愚 

善良的人會以善良眼光看事看别人, 他/她們可看見世界之美, 可看見世界可愛之處, 可看見人性之可貴.

可是善良的人卻是磨歷最多, 不是因為他/她們特別愚昧, 而是他/她們將心比己,從來不相信人性是險惡的. 因而往往被人猜測,利用甚至陷害.當他/她們受到傷害時, 仍不願接受人性本惡的事實,直至泥足深陷, 他/她們警醒過來後已付出沉重代價, 甚至失去生命. 可鄰之人, 必有可恨之處! 善良的人最後會恨自己為何沒有好好保護自己?

小編不是要您們不做善良的人, 而是要做一個有城府, 大智若愚,之人! 善良是美麗的人性, 但同樣是致命的弱點, 所以要好好保護自己, 我們就不能輕易讓人猜透心思, 還要有謀略應付心懷不軌的人. 最好方法是識別他們的動機, 找借口加以拒絕. 重點是要 “看破, 不說破”, 不要當面拆穿免他們發難直接攻擊. 做一個真正的智者!

最後, 善良的人要好比一個水晶球, 它清徹透麗, 它能看到被扭曲的事物, 同時亦可清楚可見反面的情景. 每當小編遇有難題, 我會拿起水晶球將專注力集中, 思前想後, 和做仔細的正反分析.

Still water run deep

A kind person see people & things in good way! They see the beauty and lovely of the world as well as the honour of human being. However, they are easy hurt because of lacking a sense of self-protection.

Some people see their weakness and put them into the difficult & dangerous position. When they aware it, it’s always late and they have already been seriously paid for it or even lost of their valuable of life.

To protect yourself, just like still water but running deep. Before making decision, we need to think twice to avoid falling into the trap. When we find somethings wrong, find excuse to reject it and keep away from them. Never open its plan or trick; otherwise, they will attack you directly and harshly.

A kind person should like a crystal ball. Crystal clear, we can see both the real things and the distorted things clearly.

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