Mindfulness Meditation 正念冥想

Mindfulness Meditation 正念冥想


一個銀仔有兩面, 適當的壓力可令我們進步. 但生活在香港, 很多朋友往往承受著非一般的壓力. 例如從衣 . 食. 住 .行 四方面來看, 除衣著外, 其它的成本不停增加, 遠遠超過大部份港人收入的增長. 我們需要不停工作應付日常開支, 所剩無幾, 正所謂手停口停! 如果有突發事情, 我們便很容易壓力爆煲, 後果難以想像, 不堪設想.

這樣的情況沒有人想持續下去, 但如何走出困局? 坦白說, 小編正在模索突破的方法, 但在尋找方法中, 發現以下有效的方法.

首先是暫時放下手上工作, 思考自身面對什麼問題, 然後逐一解決. 如果有些問題是不可能徹底解決, 我們就想方法援解它. 若真的援解不了, 唯有留給時間治癒.

舉一個例子, 我們收入追不上生活開支. 如何解決這問題? 先分析自身問題, 是我們的技能應付不了快速轉變的社會? 還是我們財商不足? 如這樣的話, 我們必須學習財商和其它技能增加資產和收入. 但必需要行動. 不行動, 不學習就沒法改變.

又或者是戀愛問題, 被人蒙騙, 甚至被人陷害等, 以致痛不欲生難以過正常日子! 那麼小編就請朋友們要先學會放下, 因為我們無法改變現實. 當我們陷入無法改變的現實, 只會面對更多的煩惱和壓力. 要走過人生低谷, 或面對難料的未來, 我們倒不如活在當下, 往前看走自己應走的路.

寫到最後, 小編建議朋友們找一個寧靜的環境, 最初每天抽10-15分鐘進行正念冥想, 日後可半小時甚至更長時間.

小編比較喜歡在海旁, 大自然地方, 進行正念冥想. 因為親近大自然會較容易集中. 如不許可, 小編會在家用香薰放濕機配塔精油營造舒適和接近大自然的環境. 另會配合不同的精油產生不同芳療效果, 如集中精神, 放鬆, 減壓等. 這樣容易令身體專放鬆, 專注呼吸和與用內心對話. 慢慢您感覺到美好的轉變., 甚至超然的感覺.


小編剛開始進行正念冥想的確是難以集中, 思緒會不停起伏的. 但我在網上找到一個簡單可行的方法讓大家試試.

首先吸氣, 然後呼氣. 第二次就念 “吸氣, 呼氣二”, 接著“吸氣, 呼氣三” 數到九為止, 再循環由一開始. 久而久之就容易進行正念冥想, 到時侯就不需再數一, 二, 三了.


Mindfulness Meditation

A coin has two sides. Appropriate pressure can make us progress, but heavy pressure can bring unimaginable consequence. Most people face heavy pressure, how to get out of this dilemma?  I have found a few effective methods to share with you.

The most important thing is to identify the core problem and find the solution. For example, if your income cannot afford to pay the uprising expenditure, which may be due to you don’t have enough skill to cope with the fast changing world or you don’t have sufficient financial knowledge. The solution is simply to learn financial skills and other skills. Undoubtedly, some problem cannot be solved easily, so we need to find the way to alleviate it.

Some people are facing love problem, being cheated, betrayed or framed, which make our life in harsh situation. If we cannot change the situation, please let bygone be bygone and let time to cure it. To go through the lows of life and to face an unpredictable future, we should live in the present and take the road we should go.

In a nutshell, I suggest to find a quiet place, spend 10-15 minutes a day for mindfulness meditation, half an hour or more in the future. I prefer to have a mindfulness meditation on the waterfront and nature place. Sometimes, I will use an Aroma Diffuser (with essential oils) to create a comfortable and close to the natural environment. Make it easy for the body to relax, to breathe and to talk to the heart.

Is it difficult for mindfulness meditation? When I start to have a mindfulness meditation, it is a pretty difficult to concentrate, and my thoughts will sometimes fluctuate. But I found a simple and feasible way to try it out.

First inhale, then exhale, then count 2nd “inhale, exhale”, then count 3rd “inhale, exhale” until nine. After that, repeat & repeat from the beginning. Over the time, it be more easy to carry out mindfulness meditation, and there is no need to count one, two, three or over. Hope you all have a wonderful & happiness life!

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