Young Lady 年輕女士

A Young Lady Live in Partitioned Apartments 一 位年輕女士住劏房

一 位年輕女士住劏房

香港居住環境擠迫, 劏房愈來愈多, 所產生的問題層出不同. 最近有一 位住劏房的年輕女士聯絡我, 懷疑業主趁她不在時進入她的房間, 問我如何應對. 我說換鎖或盡快搬離該物業. 但業主不批準換鎖, 兼堅持不退回按金.

她打算安裝監控鏡頭在房內, 但業主會將路由器和電材切斷令防盜鏡失效. 這問題有兩個方法解決, 就是用行動電源(Power Bank)供電給防盜鏡, 另安裝4G 路由器. 就算業主斷電和WiFi, 她都可以監控房間兼可拍下証據報警!

另一簡單方法, 就是用內置電的監控鏡頭,就算斷電和沒有網絡都可監控鍵錄影.

遇著這些驚嚇業主, 小編都是建議盡快撤離!

A Young Lady Live in Partitioned Apartments

Hong Kong is a high population density city, “Partitioned Apartment” is famous over the world. Many problems arise and we have to find the way to protect the weakness!

Recently, there is a young lady told me that she suspected her flat owner entering her room without permission and sleeping on her bed. It is a scary news to hear that happens in an international city, Hong Kong.

She is very worry and asks for solution. This is not difficult to solve because she can change the door lock or simply move out the apartment. However, the flat owner refuses to return the deposit and does not allow her to change the door lock.

Therefore, she plans to install the surveillance camera in the room, but the owner can cut off the WiFi and the electricity so as to disable the surveillance camera.

I suggest her 2 solutions! First of all, setting a surveillance camera that built-in battery) and install 4G router, but it is relatively difficult in set up and installation for a non-technical people.

Another simple method is to install a hidden camera with built-in battery, it can still able to record video even without WiFi connection. Once the flat owner break into her room, she can present the video to police with an iron evident.

Finally, I still suggest the young lady to move out the apartment, nothing important than Life!

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