Apple Watch

Apple Watch & iPhone go hand in hand! 未來主角是Apple Watch!

未來主角是Apple Watch!

Apple Watch 功能已不止於一般智能的手錶, 而是更像便擕像醫療儀器! S4 已經有ECG心電圖功能, 且得到FDA權威認証. 得到FDA 認証代表什麼? 就是準確! 醫療儀器必需的要求!

下一步估計會運用更多傳感器, 加上iPhone Processor強勁的計算能力, 應用在醫療用途. 傳感器好處是在於能夠無創傷性收集人體生命徵象數據.

我以糖尿病人為例, 他/她們必需抽一點血檢測血糖. “這是創傷性檢測, 因為針孔會進入人體”. 當未來Apple Watch 能運用傳感器經皮膚表面檢測血糖, 病人無需再受針痛之苦. “這是無創傷性檢測, 因為沒需用針抽血”.

由此可推測, 用家買Apple Watch外, 就必定會同時購買iPhone. 現在, iPhone 同Apple Watch 已將對手遠遠拋離,  當搶佔醫療儀器版塊, 情況又會如何?

Apple Watch & iPhone go hand in hand!

The Apple Watch function is more than a general-purpose smart watch, but more likely a Portable Medical Device! Apple Watch S4 supports ECG and certified by the FDA! With FDA certification, it means “accurate” ! This is a must requirements for medical instruments!

I believe Apple will introduce more medical application that thanks to the more sensors will be built-in Apple Watch and the powerful of the Apple Processor.

Why sensors are so important for medical application? The sensors provide non-invasive way of  collectiing of human vital signs data!

I take diabetes patients as an example. They need to take a little blood for blood sugar test, which is invasive. If the future Apple Watch is able to use sensors for glucose test, which is non-invasive. Patients are no longer suffer from painful.

Finally, it can be speculated that if you buy Apple Watch, you will definitely buy the iPhone as well. Now, the iPhone and Apple Watch have already left the opponent far away. What happens when Apple enter medical instrument?

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