USB Type C

USB Type C

What is USB Type C?

This is one of the USB Interfaces

Where can find USB Type C?

Usually, it can be found from the latest PC, Laptop, MacBook or Smart Phone

Can USB Type C to HDMI cable support Video Output?

Yes, it can. (PC, Macbook or Smart Phone must support Video Output or Alternate mode by the USB Type C port)

Can USB Type C Multiport Hub support Video Output?

It depends on the device, please refer to the product specification. Some USB Type C Port is for charging only, while the other for data transfer & video output.

什麼是 C 型 USB?

這是 USB 接口之一

哪裡可以找到USB Type C?

PC、筆記本電腦、MacBook 或智能手機中可以找到

USB Type C轉HDMI線能支援視頻輸出嗎?

是可以. 但PC、Macbook 或智能手機的Type C 端口需支援視頻輸出或Alternate Mode.

USB Type C 多端口集線器是否支援視頻輸出?

這取決於設備,請參閱產品規格。 一些 USB Type C 端口僅用於充電,而另些可用於數據傳輸和視頻輸出。

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