IB Ring Coat 戒指保護套 – Protecting Your Precious Rings with Style and Functionality


IB’s Ring Coat


Fit for Oura Ring Gen 3, Smart Ring or Traditional Ring

[ Anti-Scratch, Skin-Friendly, Shock Absorption, Easy to Remove & Clean ]

[Material] Silicone 
[Colour] White, Black, Custom Made

*Specification is subjected to change without prior notice

*This Item does not include the Ring

Introducing IB’s Ring Coat: Protecting Your Precious Rings with Style and Functionality

The Importance of Rings and the Need for Protection:

Rings hold a special place in our lives, symbolizing moments of happiness and cherished memories. Whether it’s a traditional ring or a cutting-edge Smart Ring that monitors our vital signs, we understand the significance they carry. That’s why it is crucial to safeguard these precious possessions.

Embracing the Era of Smart Rings:

With the rise of Smart Rings, an innovative trend has captured the attention of individuals seeking a deeper understanding of their bodies and a path towards a healthier lifestyle. These intelligent accessories provide vital sign monitoring capabilities, empowering users with valuable health insights.

Uncompromising Protection

To address the need for protecting both traditional and Smart Rings, IB is proud to present “Ring Coat.” This meticulously engineered protective case is designed to flawlessly encase your beloved ring, ensuring uninterrupted contact between the sensors and your skin.

Enjoy Life to the Fullest with Ring Coat:

Don’t let the fear of damaging your ring hinder you from pursuing the activities you love. With IB’s Ring Coat, you can engage in your favorite hobbies, sports, and daily routines while continuing to capture essential health data. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your ring is shielded from scuffs, scratches, and shocks.

Unparalleled Features for a Flawless Experience:

Ring Coat boasts a range of exceptional features that combine practicality and aesthetics seamlessly. Crafted from elastic silicone, it offers a slim and lightweight design that perfectly blends with your ring. The anti-scratch properties ensure the long-lasting beauty and luster of your ring, while the easy-to-clean material keeps it looking pristine.

Comfort and Style, Hand in Hand:

We understand the importance of skin-friendly materials when it comes to daily accessories. Ring Coat prioritizes your comfort, ensuring a gentle touch against your skin. Its flexible and ergonomic design allows for easy application and removal, making it effortless to dress up your ring for dinner parties or special events.

Conclusion: Protect and Preserve Your Rings with Ring Coat:

Whether it’s a treasured traditional ring or a cutting-edge Smart Ring, the IB Ring Coat is your reliable companion in preserving their beauty, functionality, and longevity. Embrace every moment with confidence, knowing that your precious rings are shielded from the rigors of daily life. Experience the perfect blend of style and protection with Ring Coat – the ultimate accessory for ring enthusiasts.


Size 尺寸

M (#11 – #13), S (#6 – #10)

Colour 顏色

D (白 White), E (黑 Black)




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