HDMI Video Capture Card (Mini Box)




Recall & share your memory with our HDMI Video Capture Card (Mini Box)

If you want to recall or share important moments and things to your peers, this is a must gadget for you!

Our HDMI Video Capture Card not only allows you to stream & capture videos or games, you can also input your voice while recording to your PC. Here are a few scenarios you need this card.


This capture card allows you to stream & record gameplay on PC from game consoles like PlayStation 5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch without interrupting while you are playing the game.


Also, you can capture important lessons and input voice note for future revision or share to classmate/tutor that help you to learn.


After live broadcasting, the Youtuber can upload to its channel and share to the others through various social media.

Content marketing is the extremely important nowadays, this card can help you to achieve the goals and boost your sales.

HDMI Video Capture Card (Mini Box)

【HDMI Input】4K 30fps (Max)
【Video Input Format】8/10/12-bit colour depth
【Video Output Format】MPJEG
【USB Video Capture】1080P@60Hz (Max)
【OS Support】Windows / Mac / Android
【Accessories】USB Type A to A cable, USB Type A to Type C OTG Adapter
【Size】68 x 27 x 9 mm
【Weight】50 grams

* Specification is subjected to change without prior notice

HDMI Video Capture Card (Mini Box)

【HDMI 輸入】4K 30fps (最高)
【視訊輸入解像度】1080P@60Hz (最高)
【OS 支援】Windows / Mac / Android
【配件】USB Type A 數據線, USB Type A- C OTG 轉頭
【尺寸】68 x 27 x 9 mm
【重量】50 grams

* 以上資料僅供參考用, 以產品實際為準備!




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