IB Smart Ring 智能戒指 – The Modern Chic & Versatile Smart Ring that Prioritizes your Health and Well-being


IB Smart Ring 智能戒指 – The Modern Chic & Versatile Smart Ring that Prioritizes your Health and Well-being


The Modern Chic & Versatile Smart Ring that Prioritizes your Health and Well-being.

The advancement of medical science and technology in recent years has been truly remarkable. The ability to access personalized health information is no longer a privilege, but rather a fundamental necessity. It is prudent to prioritize proactive measures over reactive ones, as prevention is always preferable to dealing with the consequences.

The IB Smart Ring, a state-of-the-art wearable device that seamlessly integrates an advanced Optical and Bios Sensor. With its exceptional capability to precisely measure light signals and effectively process small PPG signals, the Smart Ring enables accurate tracking of vital data, including the essential metrics of blood  oxygen saturation levels (SpO2), Heart Rate, Skin Temperature & Blood Pressure. This revolutionary device empowers users to make informed decisions about their well-being, providing them with invaluable insights to enhance their health and achieve optimal wellness. With the IB Smart Ring, take control of your health journey and unlock a world of possibilities for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

A Captivating Embodiment of Minimalist Technology

That’s where the IB Smart Ring comes in; we understand that people want wearable technology that is reliable, elegant, and convenient, and that’s exactly what we’re delivering with the IB Smart Ring. With its advanced sensors and intuitive interface, the IB Smart Ring is the perfect solution for anyone looking to monitor their health and wellness while enjoying a comfortable piece of smart jewelry to wear. It boasts a sleek and elegant design that seamlessly integrates into daily life, providing a hassle-free experience.

Sleep Monitoring: The IB Smart Ring employs a sophisticated algorithm that leverages the PPG signals captured by the ring, combined with motion data and body temperature, to deliver precise and comprehensive analysis of your sleep patterns. With our innovative technology, you can effortlessly track your sleep stages, including Awake, REM, Light Sleep, and Deep Sleep. This information is then utilized to calculate your sleep quality and offer valuable insights into any disturbances during your sleep. Gain a deeper understanding of your sleep habits and optimize your rest with the IB Smart Ring.

The IB Smart Ring is expertly crafted from Stainless steel, a material known for its Hardness, and Remarkable durability.

The IP67 waterproof rating of our smart ring makes it ideal for everyday activities, including outdoor adventures. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of a truly water-resistant smart ring.

If you’re not sure how to measure your finger size for the ring, don’t worry. When you place your order, we’ll send you the following Ring Sizer that you can use to determine the right size. That way, you can get the perfect fit for your ring.

如果您不確定如何測量戒指的尺寸, 請不要擔心。當您下訂單後, 我們會先寄給您一個戒指尺寸測量工具, 您可以使用它來決定適合的尺寸。

Don’t Regret After Losing Your Health!
How Can We Maintain Our Health and Quality of Life?

Revolutionary Smart Ring emerges:
In today’s fast-paced world, our daily health is often overlooked. However, neglecting health can have serious consequences, leading to a decline in quality of life and potentially incurring significant medical expenses.

The revolutionary smart ring combines optical sensors and intelligent algorithms to proactively assess your health condition. With this innovative smart ring, you can actively address potential health risks, live a healthier and more fulfilling life, and reduce medical expenses when you fall ill.

[Product Name] IB Smart Ring
[Material] Stainless Steel & Epoxy 
[Connectivity] Bluetooth 5.0 LE
[Sensors] Acceleration Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Optical Sensor, Heart Rate Sensor, Optical Blood Oxygen Sensor
[Battery Capacity] 28mAh
[Working Hour] 3-5 days
[Charging Time] 30-60mins
[Waterproof] IP67
[OS] Android 5.0 / IOS 10.0 or above
[Weight] ~4gram

*Specification is subjected to change without prior notice

This is not a medical device, the data is for reference only and cannot use for the medical diagnosis




[產品名稱] IB 智能戒指
[材質] 不銹鋼
[連接方式] 藍牙 5.0 LE
[傳感器] 加速度傳感器、溫度傳感器、光學傳感器、心率傳感器、光學血氧傳感器
[電池容量] 28mAh
[工作時間] 3-5 天
[充電時間] 30-60 分鐘
[防水等級] IP67
[作業系統] Android 5.0 / IOS 10.0 或以上
[重量] 約4 克

* 以上資料僅供參考用, 以產品實際為準備!



Size 尺寸

#10 (62.5mm | 19.9mm), #11 (65mm | 20.7mm), #12 (67.5mm | 21.5mm), #13 (70mm | 22.3mm), #7 (54.6mm | 17.4mm), #8 (57.1mm | 18.2mm), #9 (59.7mm | 19mm)

Colour 顏色

銀色 Silver




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