4G Video & GPS Smart Watch with Fitness Tracker Reminder 老人手錶


智能老人健康手錶 (4G視頻, GPS定位, 食藥提醒)


This 4G Video Elderly GPS Smart Health Watch is a wearable device designed specifically for seniors.

It combines the features of a traditional GPS watch with advanced health monitoring capabilities and real-time video communication using 4G cellular networks.

The GPS functionality allows family members and caregivers to track the location of the wearer in real-time, providing peace of mind and ensuring that the senior can be quickly located in case of an emergency.

The health monitoring features include tracking of vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure, as well as activity levels and sleep patterns.

The 4G video capability allows for easy communication between the senior and their loved ones, even if they are not physically together. 

Overall, the 4G Video Elderly GPS Smart Health Watch is a powerful tool that can help seniors live independently while also providing important support and peace of mind to their caregivers.


Our company strongly disapproves of any malevolent utilization of our products and strictly prohibits unwanted tracking. Furthermore, we would like to clarify that we cannot assume any responsibility for the safety of individuals wearing the “Elderly Smart Watch”. It is important to note that our product is not intended to act as a substitute for caregivers and we advise against neglecting the needs of seniors.



它結合了GPS和先進的健康監測功能,並使用4G 網絡實現實時視頻通話。

GPS 允許家人和照顧者實時定位佩戴者的位置,提供安心感,確保老年人在緊急情況下能夠迅速被找到。






此外,我們不承擔佩戴 “老人智能手錶” 的個人安全責任。需要注意的是,我們的產品並不意味著可以替代照顧者,我們建議不要忽略老年人的需求和照顧。

Smart Health Watch for Elderly with SOS, GPS and 4G Video

[Screen] 1.44″ 240 x 240 Touch Screen
[Mobile Network] 4G TDD-LTE/4G FDD-LTE /2G Sim Card
[Material] ABS + PC
[Watch Band] Silicon Gel
[Positioning] GPS, LBS, AGPS Class 12, 
[GPS Positioning Accuracy] 10-50m (Open Space)
[LBS Positioning Accuracy] 500-1000m
[Front Camera] 0.3M Pixel
[Battery Capacity] 1000mAh
[Charging Method] USB Magnetic Charging
[Waterproof] IP67
[Mic] 40 x 1.5 Noise Cancellation 
[Speaker] 0815 High Quality Speaker
[Health Tracking] Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure
[OS] Android 4.4 / IOS 9.0 or above
[Colour] Black
[Size] 48 x 40 x 15mm
[Weight] 57g

[Watch Interface Language] English, Traditional Chinese, Multi-languages

*Specification is subjected to change without prior notice

*This is not a medical device, the data is for reference only. It cannot be used for diagonis or treatment

4G視頻 GPS定位 長者老人智能手錶

[屏幕] 1.44″ 240 x 240 高清觸屏
[手機網絡]  4G TDD-LTE/4G FDD-LTE 香港電話卡
[材質] ABS + PC
[錶帶] 膠帶
[定位] GPS, LBS, AGPS 
[GPS 定位準確度] 10-50m (室外空曠)
[LBS 定位準確度] 500-1000m
[前置鏡頭像素] 0.3M Pixel
[電池容量] 1,000mAh
[差電] USB 磁吸差電
[防水] IP67
[內置咪] 降噪收音咪   
[喇叭] 0815 高音質喇叭
[OS] Android 4.4 / IOS 9.0 或以上
[顏色] 黑色
[尺寸] 48 x 40 x 15mm
[重量] 57g
[介面語言] 簡體中文, 英文, 多國語言

* 以上資料僅供參考用, 以產品實際為準備!

* 這不是醫療器械,數據僅供參考,不能用作醫療診斷




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