Against CoronaVirus

Against CoronaVirus 做好防疫措施

正處肺炎高峰期, 各位務必做好防疫措施.

  1. 戴口罩, 勤洗手, 均衡飲食, 做適量運動, 保持心境平和.
  2. 盡量留在家, 少外出, 屋企保持空氣流通.
  3. 出街一定要戴口罩, 戴上後, 避免用手接觸口罩, 用後包好拋棄.
  4. 不要去人多的地方。
  5. 如需外出用餐, 請盡量用自備餐具.
  6. 出門帶紙巾, 凡接觸任何物件如門柄, 電梯按鍵等, 一律隔著紙巾. 用後包好拋棄.
  7. 請勿在街上抽煙
  8. 請勿帶寵物出街
  9. 回家時, 馬上洗手和沖涼. 外套放近通風和陽光可曬的地方(如露台).
  10. 穿過的衣服放入桶內蓋好, 洗衣時加消毒劑如漂白水. 洗衣時用56度以上水溫洗30分鐘或以上
  11. 如廁後, 請蓋好沖廁
  12. 記住洗廁所/沖渠, 保持家居清潔. (可用小量消毒劑如漂白水稀釋)
  13. 緊記防止交叉感染. (避免直接接觸人, 動物, 家禽等)
  14. 如有不適, 馬上自我隔離和睇醫生
  15. 如街上遇有病者, 保持遠距離和馬上找救援.

以上緊作參考, 大家努力頂住!

At the peak of pneumonia, everyone must take strict precaution measurements:

  1. Wear a face mask, Wash your hands frequently, Balanced Diet, Do Exercise, & Keep Peaceful Mind
  2. Stay at home as possible and keep your house with good ventilation.
  3. Be sure to wear a mask when going out of the street. After you put it on, don’t touch your mask. Wrap and discard after using.
  4. Don’t go to crowded places.
  5. If you need to dine out, please use your own tableware.
  6. Use a paper towel when you touch any things, such as door handles, elevator buttons, or etc., Wrap and discard after using.
  7. Don’t smoke in the street
  8. Don’t bring pets out of the street
  9. When you get home, wash your hands and shower immediately. Keep your coat under sunlight with a good ventilation
  10. Put your clothes in the bucket and cover them. Add disinfectant such as bleach when washing. Wash with 56 degrees or above for 30 minutes or above.
  11. After using the toilet, please cover before flushing
  12. Remember to wash the toilet / flushing channels. Keep the home clean. (Dilute with a small amount of disinfectant such as bleach)
  13. Remember to prevent cross infection. (Avoid direct contact with people, animals, poultry, etc.)
  14. If you feel unwell, immediately isolate yourself and consult medical
  15. If someone is sick on the street, keep sufficient distance and seek help immediately.

The above-mentioned is for your reference only, let’s flight against coronavirus

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