Preserved Flowers 保鮮花

Forever Love – Preserved Flowers 保鮮花寓意天長地久

永生花/ 永不凋謝的花 / 保鮮花寓意天長地久

情人節, 母親節, 生日, 特別日子, 很多朋友都會選擇送花, 市面上有各式各樣的花, 不同花的種類代表不同意義, 可謂眼花瞭亂, 很多朋友都太懂花, 如果買錯便會鬧出笑話或會有很嚴重後果. 試想想情人節您送劍蘭, 黑玫瑰給您心儀女生或女朋友, 那小編恭喜您可以成功脫單或繼續過美好單身的日子.

很多朋友會問鮮花放數天就會凋謝, 花數百圓以至數千圓會感覺肉痛或不值. 但女生一般是喜歡鮮花, 她們喜歡就好了. 因為收花的人是她, 不是你.

不過現在有趨勢顯示保鮮花 (又名永不凋謝的花或永生花) 近5年銷售量一直上升, 很快超越鮮花銷售量? 為什麼呢? 女生不是喜歡鮮花嗎?

女士們大多喜歡鮮花, 但她們不會介意收其它有心思, 有心意的禮物. 現在保鮮花種類比鮮花更多, 有花藍, 花球, 花束, 蠟燭,音樂盒, 藍芽喇叭, 甚至香薰機等等. 它除了是禮物, 還可以當作點綴家居或辦公室的裝飾品及擺設, 用途更廣市場更擴闊了.

最重要一點是, 保鮮花特點是可長時間擺放, 這寓意天長地久.

小編建議比較內向或容易緊張的男士們親手送保鮮花藍芽喇叭給女生驚喜? 為什麼? 因為您可用手機預先錄低想說的說話, 然後播放出來, 更有誠意! 還可以避免當場口窒窒而破壞氣氛. 如果不知道錄什麼說話, 那就播歌吧!

Preserved flowers means Forever Love

Most will choose flower as a gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday and some Special Days.  There are many kind of flowers on the market, different type of flower represents different meaning.

Most people do not know flowers very much, it will cause joke or has serious consequence if delivery wrong flower. Just think of Valentine’s Day, you send the gladioli, black roses to your love. You will keep on to be a single man.

Some said the flowers will be faded after a few days. It is worthless to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But plesae bear in mind that girl like flowers and she will receive the gift, not you.

However, there is trend to show that the sales of preserved flowers have been rising in the past five years, and soon surpass the sales of flowers? Why?

Most girls like flowers, but they don’t mind receiving other thoughtful and hearty gifts. Nowadays, you can find that flower ball, bouquet, candle, music box, bluetooth speaker, and even aroma diffuser with preserved flowered. It is no longer just a gift, but also be an ornament or decorator for home and office. The market is getting bigger & bigger along with the uprising sales.

Another important thing is that the preservation flowers means Love Forever.

We suggest that introverted or nervous men hand-delivered flowers with bluetooth speaker to your love because you can record any words you want to say in from your mobile phone in advance then playback.

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